Native(Java) script performance

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is there any documents available about performance of native script ?? I am
facing search performance issue due to native script. General guideline to
optimize script performance will be helpful.

Here is specific details where i am facing performance issue.

I am using script to find documents which overlap betweens two date ranges.
(i.e. find documents between [01-Aug, 2-Nov]... where document contain two
fields (start_time, end_time)) . First, startRange-endRange are params.

My script filter is,

"script": {
"script": "xyz",
"params": {
"startRange": 1407939675, // Timestamp in
"endRange": 1410531675 // Timestamp in
"lang": "native",
"_cache": true

My Native(Java) script code


ScriptDocValues XsDocValue = (ScriptDocValues) doc().get(


long XsLong = 0l;

if (XsDocValue != null && !XsDocValue.isEmpty()) {

XsLong = ((ScriptDocValues.Longs) doc().get("start_time"))



ScriptDocValues XeDocValue = (ScriptDocValues) doc().get("end_time");

long XeLong = 0l;

if (XeDocValue != null && !XeDocValue.isEmpty()) {

XeLong = ((ScriptDocValues.Longs) doc().get("end_time"))



if ((endRange >= XsLong) && (startRange <= XeLong)) {

return true;



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