Native scoring script: iterate over indexed terms of a field


I'm trying to calculate a metric distance using a native scoring script on
my Elasticsearch matches between my query string terms and the found field
term terms of my indexed field.
Therefore I have to retrieve all the indexed field terms.

But it seems to me than I can just get them separately and only by index
of the actual term which I don not know if certain term it not present in
my query string:

This is the method to retrieve the terms separately. I have not seen
another one

Method get() from class IndexField:

public IndexFieldTerm get(Object key, int flags) { String termString = (
String) key;
IndexFieldTerm indexFieldTerm = terms.get(termString);
// see if we initialized already...
if (indexFieldTerm == null) {
indexFieldTerm = new IndexFieldTerm(termString, fieldName,
indexLookup, flags);
terms.put(termString, indexFieldTerm);
return indexFieldTerm;

So is there any way to retrieve all the terms and iterate over them?
The groovy plugin provides this possibility, but I like to use a native
, because it's faster.

Or is my approach simply not very good and there is a much easier way to
calculate my own metric distance?

Moreover I like to know if there is a way to calculate the base score
without using the tf and idf.
I know there is a constant_score query, which provides this option, but
the score is always 1, regardless of the number of term occurences.

I cannot use the way proposed over here:
I just have too many terms.

I hope there is someone who can answer my questions.
Thank you!

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