Native script support in TermsStatsFacet query

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Hi All,

I have registered some custom java based scripts using native script
support in elasticsearch.

Now i am able to use those script using below query:

"query" : {
"match_all" : { }
"script_fields": {
"MessageReverted": {
"script": "reverse",
"lang": "native",
"params": {
"field": "field1"

Where reverse is my script name that is defined in elasticsearch.yml as:

script.native.reverse.type :

I am able to get expected results.

Now i want similar functionality in facet functions. I am using term stat
facet query

By default TermsStatsFacet query supports below functions:

    Text getTerm();

    Number getTermAsNumber();

    long getCount();

    long getTotalCount();

    double getMin();

    double getMax();

    double getTotal();

    double getMean();

TermsStatsFacet query is really useful feature to compute stats on a field. I
am already using it in some of my use cases. One of my use case is also to
compute some custom stats on a field.

Is there any way to register some custom functions to these using native
scripts or any other method ?

Thanks in advance !!

Thanks & Regards
Hanish Bansal

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