Natural language processing with elastic search

(Ijaj Mulani) #1

I wanted to integrate search functionality in my website.

I am using elasticsearch for it, If user searches "Maruti suzkuki under 2 lac" then it has to search cars having brand name "Maruti Suzuki" and price under 2 lac. How can I achieve this?

Types of searches

maruti suzuki under 2 lac
maruti suzuki 20000km driven
cars 2015 year model etc.

I have mysql database and i am using logstash for importing data into ES.

ES 5.4
logstash 5.4

(Abhilash Bolla) #2

You may add an NLP layer before querying Elasticsearch. You may use for the same. This will enable you to recognize the enitites based on which you may build your ES equivalent query.

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