Need advice for search with list ids

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For my project I have an index with 1.000.000 documents.
Each people could add document to their favorites.

Now if somebody want to make a search in their favorites with facets,
there is 2 solutions:

  • I create an index for favorites.
    I get all favorites ids for the user.
    And I make a query with "terms" for find all documents.

I made a test on my laptop for 10.000 favorites / 7sec. Maybe it's
faster on a server? Because 7 sec it's not possible.

Or second solution:

  • I create a child index for favorites.
    And I made a query with has_child or top_children for find all
    But is it a good solution if the index become very large with the

Somebody could advise me? thanks.

Another question: 90% percent of my data need to be indexed. So I
would like to know if it's possible to use only ES for stock all my
data, and is it SURE? thanks

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