Need Architectural Support


I need some support regarding Architecture for MY Elasticsearch setup
I will be having logs from 120+ devices through UDP port and i have to parse them

I would like your help for Hardware Configuration for my Elasticsearch Node and Logstash Node

I have 3 Elastic Nodes , 1 Logstash node and 1 Kibana Node
The speed of the incoming Data is around 1000-1500 Events per Second (EPS).

Please provide me the Hardware Configuration so their would be no DATA LOSS

Thanks in Advance

Please don't add unrelated tags to questions, it makes it less likely for you to receive the assistance you are looking for :slight_smile:

@warkolm Sorry for that
But i was not able to find appropriate tag for architecture.

I would like to have assistance
Thanks in Advance

There is not one, please stop adding unrelated tags.

What is the type and size of these events? How long do you need to keep them for? If you do not accept data loss, why are you using UDP, which does not guarantee delivery? Why do you only have one Logstash node which would be a single point of failure?

The Organization arranged in this way,

they provided 3 Elastic Nodes with 2 Core each with 16 gb ram
1 logstash with 6 core 24 gb ram

And I am getting .
Attempted to send a bulk request to elasticsearch' but Elasticsearch appears to be unreachable or down!
this error even if my elasticsearch is runningPreformatted text

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