Need assistance on setting up elastic search in PROD like environment

Hi Team,

I am a .NET developer and completely fell in love with Elasticsearch
because of its performance.
I downloaded elastic search and posted 100K records to elastic search. I
used postman to query the data.

Now i am looking to use this rest api URL in another system. I tried

  1. to global i.e., global
  2. to site i.e., site
  3. to my system's ipaddress
    expecting these should be changed to make the rest api work in another

I restarted elasticsearch service by making the above changes in
elasticsearch.yml file. But the service didn't start successfully and
nothing logged in the log file.

Could you please assist us on how to host elastic service (which I am able
to access using rest api service) which can be accessed from other systems
in the same and outside of the networks as well.

Thanks in advance.


Vinay Kumar

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