Need Help:Attachment ype in elastic search

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I am not able to create index on attachment type.Not sure, what is
happening as i am new to elasticsearch .Hope that you would help resolve my
Here is what i am doing step by step:
I am using windows and Rest API:

1.installed mapper plugin by using this command:
plugin -install
elasticsearch/elasticsearch-mapper-attachments/2.0.0(working fine)

  1. restarted elasticsearch(working fine)

3.created index in rest api(working fine):
http://localhost:9200/documentsx (put).

  1. created property for attachment in mapping(working fine):

"person" : {
"properties" : {
"my_attachment" : { "type" : "attachment" }

5.downloaded a software from ( to
encode my pdf
(working fine)

6.encode my pdf with the utility above(working fine)

7.kept my pdf in d:\elasticsearch folder(location of elasticsearch in my pc)

8 executed this:(NOT WORKING)
url: http://localhost:9200/documentsx/person/1(post)
"my_attachment" : {
"_content_type" : "application/pdf",
"_name" : "/sap1.pdf",
"content" : "... base64 encoded attachment ..."
i am getting this error
"error": "MapperParsingException[failed to parse]; nested:
JsonParseException[Failed to decode VALUE_STRING as base64
(MIME-NO-LINEFEEDS): Illegal white space character (code 0x20) as character
#3 of 4-char base64 unit: can only used between units\n at [Source:
[B@16dd7aa; line: 5, column: 29]]; ",
"status": 400

btw if i remove the file or put some random filename above in _name it
gives same error i think it is not reading the file itself.
Where i am going wrong??

Appreciate your help.

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