Need help Elastic installation 7.3

Hello everybody,

I am a newcomer to Elasticsearch and need it for another software.
I have a guide to install Elasticsearch latest stable version 7. Operating system is Ubuntu 18.04.

Now I need it for version 7.3.0. It gets difficult, because I am also a newcomer in Ubuntu.

I'm using this manual.

apt-get install apt-transport-https sudo wget
echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/elastic-7.x.list
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apt-get update
apt-get install openjdk-8-jre elasticsearch
sudo /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment
systemctl restart elasticsearch
systemctl enable elasticsearch

Who can help me and write me this manual for version 7.3?

I already tried some points (7.x changed by 7.3.0) but unfortunately without success.
Thanks and kind regards,

Please take some more time writing down where exactly you ran into problems, it is impossible judging by the commands that you typed, to tell you where there is a problem.

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You can close this case. I found my mistake.

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