Need help on creating Logstash_FILTER


I am Trying to create a logstash filter for the above code. Please let me know how to CODE the LOGSTASH_FILTER .

What do you want the filter to do?

Hi Badger, the above mentioned is the raw data.. I need the logstash filter to structure the data and indexed in ES For example the raw data should query

Labels.vm_index : 0
Session_id: 12345
Labels.tenant_id : foobar
Event: metric and so on

Use a json filter to parse it.

I am aware that we can use JSON filters, i wanted to know what will be the format of the filter, what logstash filters to be written

This is my logline "{"time_stamp":"2021-06-08T05:00:27.351201664Z","labels":{"vmm_index":0,"session_docker_id":"bf4c02a8ebfa0ce40d626f2b8280074431df2ad95c6f02360af38453b88b8135"},"event":{"kind":"Metric","category":"Session","type":"mysessioncontainer"}}

I need a Grok/JSON filter to be written, please assist

@YuWatanabe @jsvd @Badger

Hello Guys, Could you please help me with the above query

There is an example in the documentation.

@Badger Can you share me the draft of the filter from your end for the log i mentioned