Need help on Indexing and Sharding


Right now I have Elasticsearch allocated with 8GB heap, 1 node, daily indexing, default 5 shards, estimated 15GB of documents per day.

The problem is that it keeps hitting the "request timeout 30000ms" every time I query.

What is the ideal Index and number of shards should I allocate for my case?

CPU 12 core


May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:

Interesting video.
I've read the first link.

Right now I am testing with (8GB Heap * 15shards = 120 shards) and monthly indices.
Just that I want to know anyone experienced on such data can suggest the ideal type of indices, number of shards and Heap size to allocate.

I fear the lack of Heap size will prevent a smooth and fast query. Unfortunately, I couldn't change from HDD to SSD

Thanks for the links!

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