Need help recovery indices from nodes/0 or reverting back to nodes/0

after changing and and restarting elastic search, cluster completely reset all data. Seems that data still exists on disk in /data/logger/nodes/0 and /data/logger/nodes/1 was created after elastic search restarted.

How can I go back to the nodes/0 data, or import it to bring back to whole state?

I've searched, and not finding answers, help would be greatly appreciated. Considering copying indices directory over to nodes/1, but concerned about state being tracked more specifically, and breaking more.



Are you running a version < 5.x ?

Probably you have 2 nodes running. Stop them and restart one node.

yeah, 2.4.4

That did it, thank you.

Just overreacting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

This won't happen in 5.2....

Now you know why upgrading is important! :wink:

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