Need help to build ScriptSortBuilder scriptSort using java api

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Hi ,

I'm new to E_S ,and using from last 2 weeks with version 5.3 with java api.
I'm stuck in one place where i need t sort based on custom fields.
below is what i'm trying

String script = 'doc[provider_name].value == null ? doc[location_name].value == null ? 0: 1 : 0'
ScriptSortBuilder sortScript = SortBuilders.scriptSort(new Script(script), 'string')

SearchResponse searchResponse = searchConfig.getSearchClient()

    .addSort(sortScript.order(SortOrder.DESC )).

but getting runtime exception that SortBuilders.scriptSort won't take String ,String as a parameters, that i got it but i'm not able to create the Script object with script.

Thanks in Adv

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