Need help to create a suspicious domains indicator (please)!

(Lutundula Jeanchris) #1

Hello Everyone ,

I have been looking for a way to realize the following task :

To compare two indentical fields from the same index , but different have different dates ( data1[]= from now to now-24h) and (data2[]= from now-2days to now-30days) . basically i want to get (visualize) the result of (data1[] - data2[]) which means all the domains that are in data1[] but not in data2[] .

How can i do it ?

  • Create scripting fields ??
  • Create a watcher

(Mark Walkom) #2

I have seen similar things done with a Watch. You could then take the output and put it into a new index to visualise.

Alternatively you could run the events through Logstash and use an Elasticsearch filter to do the check and tag.

(system) #3

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