Need help to replace regex pattern to a common term in kibana query


I am new to Kibana log analysis. I have to collect application usage data and I am trying to write a query that does the following work,

  1. Some of the URLs have data embedded in it, thus making it difficult to group the URLs of same functionality together
  2. I have written regex to extract them
  3. Now, I need to replace those matches with a common term
  4. Also, I need to access those values in the query.

How can I achieve this?

Note: I do not have access to logstash or elastic search

Hi @keetsraj
If you have the right to manage index patterns in kibana you can create an additional scripted field in your index that use the regex to compute a new field with these cleaned URLs.

You will use Lucene or Painless scripting language to accomplish that:

You can check also this useful blog post that describe how to use regex in scripted fields:

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