Need help to write fast query

Hi all,
Consider, I have 1000phrases(Example of phrases can be: 1. "Hello",2. "What are you doing", 3. "automatically debit",...etc) as a1, a2, a3.......a1000. now I need to write a query in java for the ES database, the query should replicate the below:
There is a main base phrase, which I need to include with all other 1000 phrases while querying, for example:
consider the base phrase as A. now my query should replicate as:
A and a1,
A and a2,
A and a3,
A and a1000
} whole comes within one query. i have around 10,00,000 documents. i wrote a query but its taking very long time. appropriately more than 40seconds.
Anyone could help me?

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