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Hey guys, i have been trying to make some improvements on my elasticsearch to make my graylog answer quickly with searchs and queries, but i'm having troubles with my index and shards sizes. I saw the video and the old and new documentantion and couldn't really grab the concept.
So, i have two nodes with 32 GB RAM, 62 GB of Heap and 500 GB of Disk in both nodes. We are using 50 index with 4 shards, each index gather 30M documents with and average of 12GB. Our objective is to retain the maximum logs possible, respecting the 75% disk space usage limit.
With all that said, should i have less index and more shards? I'm really lost and in need of help to make this performance improvement.

I appreciate for all of you reading and taking your time with this topic, have a great day everybody!
Based on this data,

I recommend you check out my video on installing the Elastic Stack. I cover hardware sizing and the reason why in the first part of the video.


You also don't mention what kind of storage you are using. SSDs or HDDs? RAID? Local or network attached? I do a deep dive on the best storage for Elasticsearch in this video. (TL;DR use local SSDs... PERIOD!)



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