Need Info for "es.set.netty.runtime.available.processors"


I have upgraded Elastic search from 5.3.1 to 6.0.0. I need some documentation about "es.set.netty.runtime.available.processors" , what is the purpose, or how to use etc. I didn't find much details.

This setting is not documented on purpose since it should never be set. We only use it in some of our tests so that tests that set the number of processors that Netty may use do not fail if they set different values.


Thanks @jpountz for clarification. I made this property as false in my application. Well in my opinion it should be default set to false in elastic. Am I correct?or there is also any purpose?@jpountz.

We default it to true because we want the number of processors that Elasticsearch is configured to use (whether through the defaults or explicitly via settings) to be pushed down to size the Netty thread pools. If this setting were to default to false, that would not be the case. As @jpountz mentions, this setting is only for tests and some scenarios with the transport client. For the server, it should remain as true.

Got it. Thanks for clarification.

You’re welcome.

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