Need own unqiue ID with Bulk insert

Hallo @all,

I've switched from a older elasticsearch version to the current 7.7 and now getting troubles using unique id's.

In the newer elasticsearch version the "_id" is set automatically to a short one and this breaks the whole logic of my implementation.

My product id (uuid) is for example: 709_dis__29618840141927_252041531

if I import products in bulk and the id exits the product should be overwritte for example:

PUT {{base_url}}/_bulk
{"index":{"_index":"{{domain}}_product"}, "_id": "709_dis__29618840141927_252041531",}
{"date": "2019-01-01", "price": 200, "promoted": true, "rating": 1, "type": "hat"}

I know:

  • "better performance with shorter id" - it is not an option!
  • "using hash to shorten" - it is not an option!

Is there a work arrount for setting own unique id with my need length (if ES is slower in this case thats finde for me)?

Thank you for your help!

@elasticitm Hey, maybe the fingerprint filter / processor could be an option for you? Check this article to get an idea =>


Hi Willem,

thanks for your replay! Properly it could solve the problem, but makes the system more compley, so I would like to avoid using locklash.

I found out, that it works very fine when I add a single product instead of bulk:

PUT {{base_url}}/{{domain}}_product/_doc/709_dis__29618840141927_252041531

Question is now if there is a working syntax for bulk insert updates, that allows to set with own "_id"?

Best Regards

Can you try setting _type to _doc in the bulk request and see if that changes anything?

Hi Christian,

thanks for this hint :call_me_hand:

setting _doc like this

PUT {{base_url}}/_doc/_bulk

brings no effect

I'm not sure how I can set type here. Could you help me with the code?

Best Regards

I meant putting it in each bulk header next to the _id.

Hi, Christian,

unforunetly that doesn't fix the problem.

Here is my request

PUT {{base_url}}/_bulk
{"index":{"_index":"{{domain}}_product"}, "_id": "709_dis__29618840141927_252041531", "_type":"_doc"}
{"id": "709_dis__29618840141927_252041531", "date": "2019-01-01", "price": 200, "promoted": true, "rating": 1, "type": "hat"}

But the _id was created automatacllay. Result is:

    "took": 13,
    "errors": false,
    "items": [
            "index": {
                "_index": "kr_product",
                "_type": "_doc",
                "_id": "Olcmf3IBGdIxFphTkg1Y",
                "_version": 1,
                "result": "created",
                "_shards": {
                    "total": 2,
                    "successful": 1,
                    "failed": 0
                "_seq_no": 5,
                "_primary_term": 1,
                "status": 201

Do you have any other ideas for me? It is only the Bulk import what makes problems, but bulk import is very important for me.

type. is removed in 7.7v

Oh yes I see.

Does anyone has an idea how to fix the bulk-import changeing the "_id" issue? :sweat:

I maintain a system where I generate the document IDs before performing bulk index, update and delete operations using these IDs. The main difference from your example is that I use "id" and "index", without a leading underscore, rather than "_id" and "_index".

Here's how I build up my bulk operation (in the Perl programming language):

   for (my $doc (@doc_array)) {
        my $payload = { # build a new payload
            id    => $doc->{id},
            type  => $fixed_type, # TODO: remove in ES7
            index => $indexname,

        if ($doc->{action} ne 'delete' ) { # add document as 'source' or 'doc' depending on the action
            if ($doc->{action} eq 'update' ) { # just add the partial 'doc'
                $payload->{doc}           = $doc->{partial};
                $payload->{doc_as_upsert} = 'false';
                $payload->{detect_noop}   = 'true';
            } else { # for new documents add the full document in 'source'
                $payload->{source}        = $doc->{full};
                $payload->{pipeline}      = $pipeline if $pipeline; # only supported for indexing new docs
        $bulk->add_action( $doc->{action} => $payload );

I hope this solves your problem. Good luck!

Maybe you should check the curly brace positions.

How about

{"index":{"_index":"{{domain}}_product", "_id": "709_dis__29618840141927_252041531"}}

Hi Jörg,

That was the problem - works perfectly now! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help! :ok_hand:

Best Regards

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