Need suggestion for mapping


I am using category, which is a hierarchical field represented as level1>level2>level3>level4
I want to make a query that can apply filter on level2 or level3 individually. So, I am using simple_pattern_split tokenizer and mapping looks like this

"category_id": {
  "type": "text",
  "analyzer": "category_id_analyzer",
  "search_analyzer": "category_id_analyzer"


"category_id_analyzer": {
  "tokenizer": "custom_tokenizer"


"custom_tokenizer": {
  "type": "simple_pattern_split",
  "pattern": ">"

But, I also want to perform aggregations on each individual category which can only be done if type: keyword but it gives error
Mapping definition for [category_id] has unsupported parameters: [search_analyzer : category_id_analyzer] [analyzer : category_id_analyzer]

Can someone suggest what should be done ?

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