Need to change Kibana defaultRoute/path/uri from /app/kibana to /app/kibana76

we have 2 kibana servers (different versions) running on same vm.
Old kibana is running on version 6 (port 5601), new kibana is running on version 7.6.2 (port 5611 with ssl enabled). The default UI url of kibana is /app/kibana. How to access the kibana UI service of both versions from front-end webserver.
I was thinking something like http://webserverhost:port/app/kibana (for version6) & http://webserverhost:port/app/kibana76 (for version7). How to achieve this? & any uri/resource/link that we click in kibana UI (for version7.6) should go to kibana76

What I tried so far:
as per Support space-specific default routes by legrego · Pull Request #44678 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
in Kibana UI (kibana version 7.6.2) have changed the defaultRoute from /app/kibana to /app/kibana76
-- but accessing the url via http://host:port/app/kibana76 is resulting in this message on the screen "Application Not Found
No application was found at this URL. Try going back or choosing an app from the menu."
-- & while accessing url via http://host:port/ I get the proper landing page but the url is defaulted to http://host:port/app/kibana instead of http://host:port/app/kibana76...

-> Can you please help me achieve this path/Route/uri modification to /app/kibana76 as this is our requirement, how to achieve this Please. I am ready to try out any methods

-- Thanks in advance

Hi, I think you are not reading that PR correctly. That PR refers to having a different route for different spaces, but inside the same Kibana instance.

Can you explain your problem a bit better? I am failing to understand why two Kibana instances running on two different ports is a problem? Why can't your host direct to http://webserverhost:5601 and http://webserverhost:5611?

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Please note that that version is EOL and no longer supported. You should really upgrade to 7.17 as latest. 8.1 has also been released.

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