Need to parse josn object

I need to parse this json object using logstash can you please any one help me:

Sample Event:
{"result":{"points":{"HOST-B765":[[1531504800000,84.54410552978516],[1531526400000,99.29006958007812]]},"unit":"Percent (%)","aggregationType":"MAX","resolutionInMillisUTC":21600000,"timeseriesId":"","entities":{"HOST-B765":"apple"}}}

Desired output:

{"timestamp":"1531504800000","value":"84.54410552978516","unit":"Percent (%)","aggregationType":"MAX","resolutionInMillisUTC":21600000,"timeseriesId":"","hostId":"HOST-B765","servername":"apple"}
{"timestamp":"1531526400000","value":"99.29006958007812","unit":"Percent (%)","aggregationType":"MAX","resolutionInMillisUTC":21600000,"timeseriesId":"","hostId":"HOST-B765","servername":"apple"}

Can you please help me please.

This isn't a JSON parsing problem.

The general way to split an event into multiple events is to use a split filter. You could use such a filter on the [result][points][HOST-B765] field to perform the split, after which you'd want to do some additional mutations to get the events exactly as you want them, but a complicating factor is, I guess, that the HOST-B765 string in your example is dynamic. In that case you'll have to use a ruby filter to rearrange the fields so that the array you want to split on is stored in a field with a fixed name.

I have this "[1531504800000,84.54410552978516]"
Key is : 1531504800000
value is : 84.54410552978516

How can i parse this ? can you please

Please show what the Logstash event current looks like (use a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output to dump the raw event or copy/paste from Kibana's JSON tab) and what you'd like it to look like instead.

    "result" => {
                     "unit" => "Percent (%)",
             "timeseriesId" => "",
               "points" => {
        "HOST-B89765" => [
            [  0] [
                [0] 1531504800000,
                [1] 84.54410552978516
            [  1] [
                [0] 1531526400000,
                [1] 99.29006958007812
          "aggregationType" => "MAX",
    "resolutionInMillisUTC" => 21600000,
                 "entities" => {
        "HOST-B89765" => "apple"
  "@version" => "1",
      "host" => "Jayram-PC",
"@timestamp" => 2018-08-15T08:08:28.153Z,
      "path" => "D:/logstash/logstash-6.2.4/input/Sample.json"


Okay, but that looks like what you posted from the start. I've already outlined how I think you should solve the problem. I can answer specific questions about that but I don't have time to write at working example.

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