Need to read Groke Filter Script and also conversion of File Format

1 ) Where to Read Grok Filter . Could you please provide any GROK filter PDF. I don't want grok filter generator.

For Ex.

  1. How to split, <data:ATTRIBUTE_NAME>UCID</data:ATTRIBUTE_NAME>

  2. 02:33:55,889 FINE [facelets.tag.component] (http-/ /ds_layout/data/data.xhtml @85,52 a4j:outputPanel Component[3d5d248439] Found, marking children for cleanup

  1. Also please tell how to convert log4j script to JSon script ?

I'm not sure to understand. Is that a #logstash question ?

Are you looking for documentation about Grok?

  1. Yes, i need documentation for GROK.

This could help:

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