Need to write DSL to check if these 4 events occur within 1 second

1. 31628 2021-02-13T00:20:49.325893Z - xyz svn/repos open
2. 31628 2021-02-13T00:20:49.607437Z - xyz svn/repos get-latest
3. 31628 2021-02-13T00:20:49.888794Z - xyz svn/repos reparent 
4. 31628 2021-02-13T00:20:50.170101Z - xyz svn/repos stat`

I need to write DSL query such that, it should show up document groups like these (i.e., group of 4 documents with open, get-latest, reparent, stat). All 4 must be within one second range as shown in above logs.

Please help me, If this is possible with DSL.

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