NEST 7.17. Bulk-Update Partial Document changes JObject $type


I want to update existing objects with the Code provided in this topic: Bulk Partial Update using Nest - #2 by Erkan_Aslanel

But atfer the update the $type of my entity has changes to the type of the partial update property. Is that expected behavior?

Before Update:

Query: GET my-index/_doc/1
"$type" : "VendorProductSearchModel",

After Update:

Query: GET my-index/_doc/1
"$type" : "PartialVendorProductStoreListUpdate",

Now, when I try to read the document I cannot deserialize it into my Model (VendorProductSearchModel), because the type was changes to PartialVendorProductStoreListUpdate.

What is the point of the two type-arguments in the update method? Is there anything I'm missing?

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