Not only is there no Documentation for important things we need to do, even when we ask a question due to lack of docs, No one bothers to respond.

NEST seems to be not only useless as far as providing an API it actually hinders development.
So everyone - Stay Away from NEST - complete waste of time.

What documentation do you feel is missing?

This is a free community forum to discuss and ask questions, contributed to voluntarily. If you’re in need of a higher level of support backed by SLA response times, have you considered looking at a subscription, training or some consultancy?

I’m trying to understand the intent in making such inflammatory statements; please take the time to read the Code of Conduct.

If I read between the lines of the entire post, there’s something you’re trying to do with the high level client but are having trouble with? I empathise with that, but would it be better to describe what the problem is, in case someone can help?


I appreciate everything you say. Please also try and appreciate the frustration for companies who have decided to invest resources and time by adopting Elasticsearch and find that the NEST API has such Inadequate and Incomplete documentation that you have to have someone sitting by a developer in order to achieve even the most rudimentary operations.

No other documentation on any other popular system is as VOID as NEST is in detail. Is this deliberate so that people have to take out support contracts or it is just what we, as users of your product have to accept as just being below the standard of there Elasticsearch facilities.

This is not a constructive discussion; without specifics about where the documentation is, in your view, inadequate or incomplete, there is nothing to take away or make improvements to. I would strongly urge you again to read the Code of Conduct.

We always strive to do better, and are continuously investing in improving documentation. With a small team, the necessary effort in doing so has to be prioritised within the roadmap of all other work, such as supporting new releases of Elasticsearch with the clients. For some time now, each client has been adding examples for each of the Kibana Console examples that you see in the reference documentation. For example, Boolean query (toggle a dropdown on any example snippet to change language):

With some 1800 examples to implement, it’s going to take some time to complete all of them, and then look at porting them to another branch, but I wanted to point this out as one initiative to improve documentation for users.


You are right. This is not very productive. Statements such as "We have a small team - so hard luck", does not justify why the docs are so inadequate.
So we will just keep our fingers crossed as this seems to be the only option.

I'm going to close this thread.

We're always open to helping, but there's no evidence you're going to provide any clarity around what your problems are, and just seemed bent on ignoring the assistance that @forloop is offering to help you solve your specific issue.