NEST Library and query issues

Good day,
I was busy with NEST on elasticsearch, but I have alot of troubling making it work.

I have this code for creating the index

     var typeName = typeof(SEARCHTYPE).Name.ToLower();
     var client = new ElasticClient(Settings);
                var ax = client.CreateIndex(typeName, c => c
                                           .Mappings(m => m.Map<SEARCHTYPE>(d => d.AutoMap())));

and my search is one string with multiple words which should get the best result based on this type. the type has the following fields

title: string

I want the best result for my search
the priority is as follows:keywords,title identifiers,text

var searches = searchString.Split(' ').Where(x => x.Length > 2);
            var searchItems = new List<string>();
            var synonyms = new List<string>(); //todo
            foreach (var searchItem in searches)
                searchItems.AddRange(languageItems.Where(x => x.StartsWith(searchItem)));

            if (!searchItems.Any()) return new ReadOnlyCollection<SearchSuggestion>(new List<SearchSuggestion>());

//Okay, I admit... I need help
            var search=Client.Search<SearchSuggestion>(x => x
                .Query(q => q
                    .Terms(b =>b
            return search.Documents;

Could anybody please help me?
I am having alot of troubles with this...

thank you in advance.


You should take a look at the Definitive Guide, particularly:

As a very general approach you could

  1. map keywords and identifiers as a collection of types in your POCO e.g. IEnumerable<string>
  2. analyze these fields at index time in a way that satisfies your problem domain
  3. analyze the query input at search time with a full text query to find matches against indexed documents. The analysis applied at search time does not necessarily need to be the same as that applied at index time.

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