NEST library. Mapping

I use NEST functionality to build mapping for my index. I do it in the following way:

		TypeMappingDescriptor<object> typeMappingDescriptor= new TypeMappingDescriptor<object>();

		typeMappingDescriptor.Map<object>(ms => ms
			.Properties(ps => ps
				.Text(txt => txt .Name("text").IncludeInAll())
				.Number(n=> n.Name("number").Type(NumberType.Byte).IncludeInAll())
			.DynamicTemplates(x => x
				.DynamicTemplate("customanalyzer_for_strings", y => y
					.Mapping(t => t
						.Text(r => r
							.Fields(fg => fg
								.Keyword(k=> k.Name("raw"))))))));

And I want convert typeMappingDescriptor to string representation or Json like this:

  "mappings": {
     "filesetdata": {
        "properties": {

How can I do it?

You can use the serializer used by the client

var client = new ElasticClient();
var jsonString = client.Serializer.SerializeToString(typeMappingDescriptor);

Thank you for your help
But can I use Serializer.SerializeToString without creating ElasticClient?

You can use

var serializer = new JsonNetSerializer(new ConnectionSettings(new Uri("http://localhost:9200")));

but this is not really much different from just using an instance of the client. I'd recommend also using a singleton instance of the client if you need to serialize multiple objects as many caches are used internally.

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