Nest _mget convert _source to dynamic type

When working with Nest client and doing a search, the Docs collection can be rendered as a dynamic object

var response = es.Search<dynamic>(s => s.MatchAll());

When doing an mget, the response returns a collection of hits which will have the Source property. What is the best way to convert the source to be the same as what we have in the Documents collection from a search result.

Below is the code snippet I am using.

            //create  list of multiget operations
            var ids = new List<MultiGetOperation<dynamic>>();
            foreach (var id in uniqueKeys.Keys)
                ids.Add(new MultiGetOperation<dynamic>(id)
                    Type = "doc",
                    Index = uniqueKeys[id].Index  //documents can live in different indices

            //return the hits from elastic
            var results = es.MultiGet(
                new MultiGetRequest
                    Documents = ids,

            foreach( var hit in results.Hits)
                 // not sure what to do here as this does not work
                dynamic h = hit.Source;
                uniqueKeys[h.item_id].Info = h;

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