Nest query search with AND

I'd like to convert this

GET /financialfirms/_search?q="Danske" AND "Bank"

into DSL but can't find out how. Anyone wanna help?

Right now every query I've made gives a result for "Danske" OR "Bank". I've tried different kind of querys and analyzers but I don't get it.

My solution (thats not working correctly) looks like this

        public ElasticClient EsClient()
            var uri = new Uri("http://localhost:9200");
            var pool = new SingleNodeConnectionPool(uri);
            var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool).DefaultIndex("financialfirms");
            var client = new ElasticClient(settings);
            return client;
public async Task<GenericResponse<FinancialFirmDto>> GetFinancialFirmByNameES(string name)
          var searchResponse = await EsClient().SearchAsync<FinancialFirmDto>(s => s                
                .Query(q => q
                    .Match(m => m
                      .Field(f => f.Name)

Also, forgot to mention, the input will not be set to specific words like “Danske” and “Bank”, they are just existing examples. The input is user defined (full-text search I guess) and could be any words and amount , so I can’t really use a bool query with terms (what I can tell)

You can specify the operator for the combination of query terms in a match (by default it's OR as you observed ). Add inside the Match

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