Nested boolean filters on nested objects

Below is question looks like,

user can select more than one option from each row.
Below is my mapping for that question

"q_1153": { "type": "nested", "properties": { "answer_option": { "type": "long" }, "row_id": { "type": "long" } }}

I'll store the option_ids in the ES instead of text.

In my Reports, I want to the users who selected "Option 1" OR "Option 2" from Row1 AND "Option 2" from Row2.

In SQL style: WHERE (row_id='Row1' AND (answer_option='Option1' OR answer_option='Option2' )) AND (row_id='Row2' AND (answer_option='Option2'))

There is a response with the above criteria. IF I use "OR" operator between the two row options The result was returning. If I use "AND" nothing is returning. How can I solve the this query?