Nested Field Search in QueryString

Hi all,

I upgraded Elasticsearch version from 1.7.5 to 2.3.4 recently. I am trying to find a correct way to generalize QueryString search for Nested fields. The following NEST client method works fine in 1.7.5
string queryString = "Author: abc AND Title: xyz";
Nest.Query<T>.QueryString(q => q.Query(queryString));

Consider mapping as
Author: "abc",
Book: { Title: "xyz" }

In 2.3.4, the above method call doesn't return desired results when you don't specify the path (here it would be Book.Title )

Is there a way I could use the above method without having to specify the path of the nested field ? As I am using generic types, it would be expensive to look up parent field names to specify the path

Appreciate any feedback


Anyone handling querystring for nested fields without specifying path ?