Nested Mapping - Array of objects


I am have sample document provided below. Pls assist, how to perform nested mapping,

	"Token": null,
	"LoginStamp": "4/18/2018 5:34:55 AM",
	"Uri": null,
	"Events": [{
		"Source": "Microsoft1",
		"EventType": "Add",
		"Message": "User profile is available",
		"TimeStamp": "2018-04-18T05:34:54.2916355Z"
	}, {
		"Source": "Microsoft2",
		"EventType": "Remove",
		"Message": "User profile is not available",
		"TimeStamp": "2018-04-18T05:34:54.2916355Z"
	"CallerServerInformation": null,
	"HostingServerInformation": {
		"ContainerId": null,
		"ContainerInstanceId": null,
		"ThreadPrincipal": "xx1234"
	"KeyFields": "trf"

I need to get the values of Source,EventType,Message and TimeStamp.

Kindly assist.

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