Nested queries: when to provide path?

Hi all,

With nested objects, I have noticed that sometimes you do not have to
provide the path (ancestors).

For example,

A : {
properties : {
B : {
type : "string"
properties : {
C : {
type : "string"

I have noticed in my documents, that sometimes I can just query C directly,
e.g. ?q=C:blah.

However, sometimes I need to provide the whole path, e.g. ?q=A.B.C:blah.

Sometimes, I can provide a part of the path, e.g. ?q=B.C:blah.

Could someone explain what the logic is? Does it all depend on whether the
deepest field has a unique name? Is there a "select all ancestors" function
in ES like in XPath, i.e. //C?



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