Nested Terms Aggregation performance issue?

I ran into a performance issue today with nested Terms aggregations.
Performance took a 1000x dive (aggregation time went from ~10ms to
~10,000ms) when I added a terms aggregation as a sub-aggregation of an
existing term aggregation.

The nature of the data is that the sub-aggregation will only yield 1 bucket

  • so its not like there were a bazillion buckets - but we do kind of have a
    deep nesting of aggregations - and this particular aggregation lies at the
    leaf of all aggregations.

That said, would such a jump in performance be expected? Might it be a bug?
Should I create a simple test case to reproduce it?

(If youre wondering why I would do a term aggregation where I only expect 1
result - see!topic/elasticsearch/y5WTIIAxEPo)

Here is part of my request:

      "aggregations" : {
        "operatorId" : {
          "terms" : {
            "field" : "operatorId",
            "size" : 100
          "aggregations" : {  <<------ adding this subaggregation has a 

massive impact on perf.
"operatorFullName" : {
"terms" : {
"field" : "operatorFullName"


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