Nested vs Encoded Array

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Currently, my mapping queries against an array of nested objects with 3 fields (call them A, B, and C). Our query pattern either filters by (A), by (A & B), or by (A, B, & C). We also may perform a terms aggregation on C when filtered to (A) or (A & B).

Given that we never filter by (B) or (C) individually, I am curious whether it may be more performant to change from the nested object array to a single array encoding the values together, for instance: ["A", "A:B", "A:C", "A:B:C"], and then using the same encoding scheme when querying. Regarding the terms aggregation, I would need to either use a script to prune the terms to only those starting with the filtered encoding, or I could calculate for all terms and then prune the result set. I'm not sure which would be more performant.

However, is this an over optimization?

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