.NET APM Transaction Drill Down

Set up Agent: Profiler Auto instrumentation
Internet Information Services(IIS) .NET Framework (4.8.4110.0)
Kibana Version: 8.5.3
Elastic Version: 8.5.3
APM Agent Language and version: C# .NET 4.7.3,

We couldn’t find the View Full Trace or Drill Down options in transactions.
For example, this transaction Latency took 311 seconds, but we couldn’t see the Latency that took 311 seconds.
Is it possible to see Drill Downs of Transactions?

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Hi @beijing,

it looks like the time is spent in a part of your code that is not automatically covered by auto-instrumentation.
You could consider using the agent's public API to add specific instrumentations and get more insights into where your code's time is spent. Would that be an option for you?


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