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Hi there,

I just upgraded our Elasicsearch.NET and NEST to 5.4 (from 5.2.2). After doing this some code doesn't work any more. Specifically the .Wildcard on a QueryContainer. I had the following code:

 var query = value.Contains("*") ? (Func<QueryContainerDescriptor<T>, QueryContainer>)
                            (bs => bs.Wildcard(propConfig.KeySelector, value)) : // wildcard search
                            (bs => bs.Term(propConfig.KeySelector, value)); // default term search

On the bs.Wildcard I get the exception:

The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'QueryContainerDescriptor.Wildcard(Expression<Func<T, object>>, string, double?, RewriteMultiTerm?, string)' and 'QueryContainerDescriptor.Wildcard(Expression<Func<T, object>>, string, double?, MultiTermQueryRewrite, string)'

However I also noticed Wilcard is now deprecated. I however can't find any documentation about this.
What is the suggested query to use now instead of Wildcard if it is actually deprecated?

Thank you,

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Answered this issue on the github repo, posting here for posterity.

Hey @Schoof,

that particular method call for WildCard() was deprecated in NEST 5.3.0 because of #2688.

It's easily resolved by specifying rewrite though

(bs => bs.Wildcard(propConfig.KeySelector, value, rewrite:(MultiTermQueryRewrite)null))

The deprecated methods will be removed in the next major release so this won't flag there.

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