Netflow grapths with mb/s


how do it get the kibana graphs to give me proper mb/s readings?

when i use "SUM" as y axis aggregation the measure is ok, but when i use "Average" i get the KB amounts shown. its as if the kibana does not perform the needed division and change the lettering from kb to MB - as it does correctly when i choose "SUM"

also if anyone has input to get a good NOC dashboard in the latest kibana from netflow please share you visualization configs/setop

Have you tried using field formatters.

You can set your bytes field to display KB, MB, etc.

i can get the same as you, but how do i get it to shpw mb/s instead of ex. 534532242KB

Kibana does as far as I know currently not support normalising against the aggregation time interval, although this is available in Timelion through the scale_interval function. If I have understood what you are looking for correctly, I believe there is an issue tracking this type of functionality open on GitHub.

could someone paste at howto for timelion and netflow. sorry i can\t figure out what attributes data files to pull into timelion