Network.host_publish and network.bind ambiguity

Hello Team ,

I have two network interface - Once management and One Data ip .. where i want cluster communication to be on 9300 i.e on DATA ip and management aka 9200 on management ip . both the ip are on different vlan .
management is -- eth0 data -- bond0
Only management interface is reachable from outside network .. I tried many combinations but either it takes bondo ip or eth0 both both not as different

i tried doin this network.bind_host: eth0:ipv4
and network.publish_host: bond0:ipv4
and in /etc/hosts the hostname for unicast resolved to bond0 ( 20GB interface )

I think you are looking for the setting/s,

Thanks.. I will check this but still can u help me to understand then what is difference between publish and bind host and network. Host.....
Also one more question the client request will be a search request which will be a http request does it means that all the query to cluster is handeled by master node including indexing and search and update.. in the document of http u have shared they have suggested to disable http port. How will this benefit and how will it impact cluster