Network latency during database access

Using the .Net agent I can check the time spent with database access. But, nowadays my database are placed in a different server that my application, and I want to know if there is some way to separate the time really spend with the transaction and the network latency time.

In distributed transactions I look the difference between the start time of the span created in the API that made the request and the start time of the transaction that received the request, this difference I consider latency, but I have no idea about how do this with database access.

I appreciate if someone could help me.

Hi @GregKalapos, how are you?

Could you give me a tip on this item? Or, in fact, there is no way to differentiate network time and database processing time

Hi @xitaocrazy,

I don't think that distributed tracing can give you that answer, sorry.
From .NET agent perspective, it measure DB query response time which includes both network and time to execute the query itself.


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