Network Packet Capture integration still updates npcap

Sorry for opening a third thread about npcap. The first and the second thread were closed in the meantime.

We updated our servers to Elastic Agent 8.7.1 and Network Packet Capture integration 1.16.0.
After that we rolled out the new settings:

Unfortunately the settings is not working as expected. We still face the issue that our npcac version gets overwritten with the bundled npcap 1.71.

@jamie.hynds @efd6
Please tell me if there are any logs etc. that would help you fixing this issue.

Thanks for reporting this. I will be able to take a look in the next couple of days. If I need any additional information I will ask, so there's nothing you need to do in the interim.

I've taken a look and I will need some diagnostics. Are you able to provide these? I need to see debug level logs during installation of NPC and the agent configs that are in a diagnostics bundle. Are we able to take this to community slack?

This PR should fix the issue.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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