New Cryptocli release with Elasticsearch support


2 years ago, I build a project which gives the possibility to build a data pipeline really easily by chaining modules together.

Since I love Elasticsearch so much and needed some features to manipulate/hydrate data before and after indexing, I decided to enhance and merge another elasticsearch query tool that I had built into my cryptocli project.

It becomes really easy to send data directly to elasticsearch in a really quick way.
There is also a feature that will wait for new data and stream it on demand. It's really good when you want to duplicate data in real time to another index.

You can also read raw data, the module will generate and index a JSON containing you message directly!

Don't hesitate to check it out at

PS: I think right now, it's only compatible elasticsearch 5.x (based on olivere/elastic awesome library). But I can add a switch to change version if needed.

Thanks for sharing this.

FYI 5.X is EOL and no longer supported. See for more info.

Thank you for the feedback. Wow OK, time to upgrade then :slight_smile:

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