New document in one index should update a value in another index

Hi All, I am new elasticsearch. Any help on the below use case would be helpful.

I have the data which is flowing into one index say index_raw

ELK Dev 1.0 Time1
ELK Dev 2.0 Time2
ELK Stage 1.0 Time3

Now I wanted to compare latest version of Dev and stage for ELK, which is here 1.0 in stage and 2.0 in Dev

To achieve this, I wanted to create another index say index_summary with the following fields
ELK Dev_Version Stage_Version
Keep only the latest version in a single row for Dev and Stage, this will help me to create a visuals easily and to compare the values.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

I would recommend you have a look at transforms as this might be a good fit for that use case.

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