New index from existing index


Is it possible to create a new index in Elastic, from an existing index, fx if you want to flatten your index?



The reindex API would help?

Yeah probably. So would it be possible to have one index coming from fx Logstash continously, and if the need would come to have another index, fx a flattened one from the original index, then would it be possible to create the new index from the first index and then it would always be up to date?



Reindex API is a one shot operation. It does not run in the background to monitor changes from the source index.

What would be the best approach. To run the operation through Logstash again in order to apply the correct filters?

So setup Logstash to extract the index from Elastic and let Logstash do it's filter plugins and the apply the output to a new index?

Yes why not. Sounds like a good approach to me.

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