New index not appearing in kibana

(Kumar Deepankar) #1


I have created index in elastic search through PIG.
The new index is not appearing in Kibana Discover section for search.
But I can see the index in elastic search.

Please help how to fix this.


(Thomas Neirynck) #2


You'll probably need to create your index pattern first. This is a mapping from Kibana to your Elasticsearch index. Go to Management > Index Pattern > Add New

I'd suggest to go through the Getting Started section of Kibana. There's a section that shows you how to create an index pattern.

(Kumar Deepankar) #3

Now if we don't have any time stamp in documents that we are indexing than how we can create index pattern in Kibana. Please suggest.

(Thomas Neirynck) #4

That's fine. You can create an index without timestamp. You will not have that combobox option.

(system) #5

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