New indices does not pick up changes to synonym-files, hunspell etc


We have this weird thing.

We have these hunspell and synonym files in config/ that works fine in our analyzers.

But when we make changes to those, they are not used in any new indices we create - they are still using the old ones.

So it appears that Elasticsearch is caching the files - even for new indices?

It wasn't until we restarted elasticsearch (out of desperation :slight_smile: ) that the changes were picked up.

Is this the expected behaviour? Or is there a proper way to tell elasticsearch to use the new files (we can't seem to find it in the documentation).

There are some blips about turning existing indices off and on again to pick up new files - but that wouldn't apply to new indices?

  • Bjarne

sounds weird indeed and looks like a bug to me (at first glance)!

Looking at the code, it also seems that this is fixed in ES v5.0.0 by

/ping @nik9000

We did another round of updates, and this time the changes was picked up without us needing to restart ES.

So maybe just a fluke? Or could it be that last time we did do frequent succesive updates (we were testing) and ES doesn't reload that often?

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