New password or recover password

How to set a new default password for enterprise search access; because the password I had generated is no longer working.
I tried the command
ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD = 5eqbxcqczhxx1mgw bin/enterprise-search
and I was not successful
login default: enterprise_search

vs: Elastic Enterprise Search Version 7.10.1
Elastic: 7.10.2
Ubuntu 20.04
Local server: localhost


I think you're looking for bin/enterprise-search --reset-auth. Using ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD with that should work as well.

% bin/enterprise-search --help

Supported options:
  --app-server             - [Default command] Starts the application server
  --enable-read-only-mode  - Switches the deployment into a read-only mode
  --disable-read-only-mode - Turns the read-only mode off for the deployment
  --reset-install-lock     - Removes a stale installation lock (use with caution)
  --diagnostic-report      - Generates a compressed, diagnostic log output for troubleshooting purposes
  --migration-cleanup      - Deletes unused indexes
  --reset-auth             - For standard authentication source:
                               * Resets login and password
                             For elasticsearch-native and elasticsearch-saml authentication sources:
                               * Removes the current role mappings
                               * All users will be granted the admin role
  --version                - Shows product and platform version information
  --help                   - Useful information on how to run this script

Hi @Gustavo!

Careful, bash cares about whitespace. The correct command would be:

ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=5eqbxcqczhxx1mgw bin/enterprise-search

with no spaces around the =.

No problem. The documentation for resetting the password is here:

You'll just want to do:

ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=5eqbxcqczhxx1mgw bin/enterprise-search --reset-auth

Let us know if you have any other issues!

Thanks Sean_Story and david.harsha

Reset-auth command worked perfectly ...


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