New pfSense integration added to Github, is there's any planned support for Elastic Agent FreeBSD OS?

Hello Elastic team:)
is it possible to utilize the new pfSense integration to ship logs from PfSense to Elastic Cloud?

AFAIK there's no Elastic Agent available for FreeBSD OS..

I created the PfSense integration, it receives logs via syslog not via log files on the system itself. You will need to run it on a central location to receive the syslog and it doesn't need to be freeBSD.


Appreciate Your fast response!
Thank You🙏

For anyone looking to ship pfSense firewall logs to Elastic Cloud,
our solution was:

  1. pfSense UI - send logs to intermediate Linux host via UDP port 9100
  2. Linux host - install Elastic Agent
  3. Elastic Cloud - Add pfSense integration to Agent policy
    followed this guide:
    Quick start: Get logs, metrics, and uptime data into the Elastic Stack | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [7.15] | Elastic
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@eldadpuzach Let me know if there is anything that should be added to the PfSense integration. There are definitely more log types that could be added. I'd love the feedback.

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I've been trying the syslog approach mentioned here before. It has the ugly limitation that it can only ship 512 (? or 1024?) bytes of data per log line - which is not enough e.g. for Suricata / Zeek alerts. Back then, I was unable to raise the syslog packet size limitation in pfSense.

I ended up grabbing filebeat 7.10 from the freebsd package sources ( This works, but you need to be very careful that you match the exact freebsd version that your pfsense uses.

Correct. I ran into that issue a long time ago. My solution was to send the suricata logs to Kafka and then have filebeat read from Kafka using the suricata module.

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