New to the stack, http logstash input question

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Completely new to the elasticsearch-stack, having some trouble understanding where and the format logstash plugins are configured.

I was able to install the logstash_http_input plugin but I am having trouble understanding where the configuration is specified for the plugin. Or if there is any configuration for the plugin, the documentation lists options but not where they get specified.

Like how do I specify the port and host that the input should be receiving on? or I have a returner that lists username and pass as options, where/how would I get/specify those?

My ultimate end goal is to consume the output from hubble audits. Hubble has a set of predefined returners so I should be good there.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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no specific config for individual plugins. create an configuration file with input block containing http input, filter if any and output as required. Run the file with command: bin\logstash -f "path of config file"

For http input plugin reference:

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So the config is a .yml?

I read the print out from --help and I better understand, but do I have to do this everytime I restart the logstash daemon? or this is a once everytime the config changes deal?

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one time configure until or unless you made changes in the config file

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